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© 2012 Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 1230 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, CT 06905 | Rev. Fr. Evan Evangelidis - Presiding Priest (203) 322-2093
Stamford, Connecticut
Presiding Priest:  Rev. Father Evan Evangelidis
Email:  Fr.Evan (at)

1230 Newfield Avenue Stamford, CT 06905

Office Phone:  203-322-2093
Office Fax:  203-968-6632
Email:  Secretary (at)
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Celebrating over 100 years of service and ministry to generations of Greek Orthodox faithful, the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Stamford, CT welcomes you to it's virtual home on the internet.

It is our blessing to strive and bring the Light of Christ to all of God's people, through Orthodox Christian tradition, education, and philanthropy. We seek to serve the spiritual needs of our faithful parishioners through the sacramental life of the Church.

By means of outreach and faith in God, we continue our growth as a living Church by inviting others into the Orthodox faith, joining our families and educating them through the establishment of our Christian ministries, programs, schools, and philanthropic activities.
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Dear Parishioners and Friends of the Annunciation Church,

"Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him" (2Corinthians 5:9).

With the most recent directives given by our Federal, State, Local authorities and our Archdiocese, and in counsel with our Parish Council, the following protocols shall be in place through the end of the Great Lent for the protection and safeguarding of the faithful form any possible infection from the Coronavirus.

1)  All church services, whether weekday and Sunday Divine Liturgy, will take place with only the clergy and the chanter in attendance.  The faithful will not assemble but participate virtually through multimedia. There are no exceptions to this directive without the express permission of the Archbishop.

2)  Our Church office will be open only to answering phone calls and responding to emails.  There will not be any personal appointments and it will be closed to all visitors. In case of pastoral or spiritual emergencies please contact Fr. Evan.

3)  The clergy will continue with their sacramental duties.  In case of a funeral, all arrangements need to be discussed with Fr. Evan.

4)  Prayer requests will be made available online through our churchís website,  email, or by phone.

5)  Our Annunciation parish has streaming video for live services up and running on the Virtual Candle Page

6) To read the latest Encyclicalís from Archbishop Elpidophoros and the Holy Synod regarding further measures to protect the faithful from the Coronavirus please see the following links:



Further guidance from Holy Synod in English:

Further guidance from Holy Synod in Greek

During these unprecedented times all of us are challenged to live our faith responsibly and creatively, while affirming that itís not church walls that contain our faith, but our hearts where our Lord Jesus Christ appears to us ďeven though the doors are shutĒ to grant us His peace (John 20:19).

In Christís love,

Fr. Evan Evangelidis, Presiding Priest and Mr. Chris Vlahakis, Parish Council President

As we navigate these difficult times, Annunciation Church is welcoming all faithful to light a candle and the ability to send names for Father Evan to read during services. Father Evan will gladly light as many yellow or Memorial Candles as you request during the week and also during services.

Click the candles below to visit our virtual page where we will also be providing live streaming of services also
Purchase a Candle for Father Evan to light on your behalf
1. Enter your choice and amount of candles (Yellow or Red) and how many you'd like Father to light for you here in "Candle Instructions" to the right

2. During payment enter your donation amount in "Price per Item" for your candle(s) and keep the "Quantity" at 1
Candle Instructions
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for live & recorded services
In  accordance  with  Gov.  Lamontís  Executive  Order 7D, 7N and with the directive of His Eminence Archbishop  Elpidophoros,  our  church  will  re-open  itís doors for public worship on Sunday, May 31st subject to the following strict rules agreed upon by Father Evan & the Parish Council:

* Worship  is  limited  to  50  people  only.  Please  call the church  office  to  reserve  your  worship  spot  and give your name and telephone number. 

* All must wear masks and gloves in the church.

* All must follow directions of the Parish Council.

* All must sanitize hands upon entry of church. 

* No kissing of icons/priestís hand. Only bow. 

* All must adhere to 6 foot social distancing markings on floor, carpet of church and in the pews. Only sit in every other pew at the designated markings. 

* Families in the same household may sit together.

* Anyone who is sick or with symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend church services.

* Anyone  in  poor  health  and/or  immunocompromised must not attend church services.

* Anyone  over  the  age  of  65  is  encouraged  not  to attend church services. 

* Holy Communion will be distributed at the end of Church services only. 

* After  Holy  Communion  there  is  no  coffee  hour.

* The faithful are asked to leave church quietly and
respectfully.  Please  refrain  from  congregating  in the narthex or outside church.