About Us

Annunciation Greek School



Our Church was the first Greek Orthodox parish in the state of Connecticut. The Annunciation Greek Language and Culture School was established shortly after the founding of our Parish in 1905. For more than 100 years the School has enjoyed uninterrupted success and recognition among the Greek community of Stamford and Fairfield County.

Today, during a time when foreign languages play a decisive role in a student’s academic advancement and career, our Greek Schools’ contribution goes beyond teaching our heritage language. It opens the horizon for our students’ future academic opportunities and success.


Our heritage is a priceless treasure. It is very important to embrace it and to make every effort to pass it on to our children. However, learning a language, especially Greek, is not an easy task. It requires commitment and dedication. Our program, executed by professional teaching staff and support by parent and student cooperation makes the learning process much easier and rewarding. We encourage all parents to support their children Greek education at home by speaking the language, sharing their traditions and encouraging completion of homework. We also encourage all parents to support the school by joining the PTA and/or the Greek School Committee.

Give every child the opportunity to learn and love the Greek Language, culture, traditions and faith in a fun, educational environment.